Benahavis River Walk

Río Guadalmina

Guided tour


Not afraid to go on a little adventure? The Río Guadalmina (also known as the Benahavis River Walk) might be just the thing for you! Hike and swim your way through the river and experience the beauty of Spanish nature.​


Only 15 minutes away from Marbella you will find the beautiful Guadalmina river. The part of the river that goes through Benahavís has been very popular because of its perfect hike and swim trail. With slopes, caves, deep waters, cliffs, and loose stones, the course is certainly challenging. However, the unbelievable beauty of the area and fun experience will make it all worth it. It takes about two hours to complete the 3 kilometers long trail.​

By booking a guided tour for the river walk you will be accompanied by an experienced guide. The guide will ensure your safety and take care of any needed equipment for the hike. The costs are €25 per person with a minimum of €75.


We understand that you cannot (or do not want to) plan out your holiday activities beforehand. It is no problem if you do not know yet on which day you want to do the river walk during your stay in Marbella. After filling in the information below you can reserve a tour. We will contact you to discuss a definitive date later on.

Note: Joining the river walk is at your own risk.